Los Angeles-based up and coming duo Dreaming of Ghosts release their debut album on Robot Koch`s Label Trees and Cyborgs.

Produced by Robot Koch and Fiora these tracks are moody ambient indie pop song with an analog sound design that wraps around the ethereal and ghostly vocals like a warm blanket.

Not much is known about the duo, but here’s a short text that accompanies the release and details a bit more their universe:

Two outsiders meet again in a strange new world. Familiar to each other yet unknowable to themselves, their new environment begins to change them. They create music to explore their rediscovered relationship to space; dwelling calmly and slowly in the terrifying emptiness. And as they wait without time; alone but not alone. At peace in the uncomfortable dissonance. Worlds begin to reveal out of what seemed void. Bold new realities expand and take form. And reaching out, wide and open - difficult questions find answers while others remain forever unresolved.

ARTIST   Dreaming Of Ghosts, SKYENCE
TITLE   Shallow Water (SKYENCE Remix)

   Trees & Cyborgs

FORMAT   Single (Digital)
YEAR   2019